Engineering Consultation

Problem solving

We have access to specialized test equipment and facilities to pinpoint problems which influence system working in an industrial/railway environment. This enables us to define alternative solutions to the problem, determine the most feasible solution, consult during implementation of the solution and finally evaluate the implemented solution to ensure that the problem has been solved.


Electromagnetic compatibility

GautrainSmallWe offer expertise in the area of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). We have developed test and measurement systems to measure electromagnetic emissions from the traction system and rolling stock such as the Gautrain. In addition we developed numerous simulation models in the time and frequency domain to solve EMC problems between power electronic controlled rolling stock and signalling systems. These models are also employed to study voltages and currents in the overhead traction system and adjacent circuits.

  • Modelling and Simulation of the Gautrain electromagnetic compatibility
  • Specification of the Gautrain immunization requirements
  • Stray current mitigation research and development on Tubular Track.
  • Electromagnetic emission audits on the Gautrain rolling stock and electrical traction system.