UBZ-302 universal electric motor protection device

$ 181.50

Operation of UBZ-302 connected to PC or SCADA system allows
to control and analyze number of additional parameters:


Data exchange and SCADA integration

  • An extended set of integrated protections combining following functions: overload relay, phase monitor relay, over current relay (over current protection with independent and time-dependent delay), leakage current  monitor, motor heat protection relay
  •  Monitoring all power parameters and volt-ampere reactive
  •  Protection against long lasting start and rotor jamming
  • Possibility of manual control with use of the device front panel
  • Fault history log
  • Free software: Interface panel and SCADA (Novatek Device Manager wizard)

UBZ-302 universal electric motor protection device

Designed for continuous monitoring of three-phase electrical equipment parameters (primarily 3-phase asynchronous induction electric motors): mains phase/line voltage, phase/line RMS currents, wattage, positive and negative sequence voltages and currents, insulation resistance to frame, differential ground leakage currents (zero sequence currents), temperature operation modes. The unit has been designed for wide range of applications in the buildings engineering systems (heating, ventilation, water supply, air-conditioning and lifts), Automatic Process Control Systems and Industrial Automation Systems, Control Accounting and Scheduling Systems. The  unit allows to reduce the probability of 3-phase electrical equipment failure, reduce the operation cost, optimize the energy consumption and enhance the operational convenience. It is equipped with complete set of  protections implemented in UBZ-301. It additionally provides protection against long lasting start and rotor jamming. Besides, the device monitors the motor winding overheating by means of external temperature sensors.  Availability of the second output relay allows arranging the following additional operation modes:

  • Star-delta switching;
  • «Delayed start» power-on (for example, cascade motor connection);
  • Remote signaling system relay



The integrated modem allows for data exchange with relatively positive state systems via RS-232 or RS-485
MOSBUS RTU protocol (selectable).





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